Make The Most Of Your Dental Benefits: End Of The Year is Here!

Just like most of us, a piece of your paycheck goes towards your dental premiums every month. That is why it is important as we get closer to the end of the year that you maximize your benefits before they are long gone!

At Oxford Valley Dental Excellence we can help you figure out what is left on your plan that will cover your dental work, if you so choose. So if you have been putting off getting that root canal or crown, now is the time to have you plan re-evaluated to get the dental care you need. Dr. Patel and our staff always think about the best interests of our patients. We know how expensive good dental care can be so we look out for our patients however we can. In most cases, people have  $1000 maximum on their policy that your plan will cover. However, if you don't "use it, you'll lose it".

The other reason why you would want to use your dental benefits is if you have already paid your deductible. If you have already paid it towards your plan, then your benefits are going to waste because next year your deductible resets and you are responsible for that deducible all over again. So don't put off dental work that you think you can't afford. It may turn out that you could be completely covered for that filling/root canal/crown!

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